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Everyone of us that have been in a relationship may ask from time to time “why do they do that?”.  It usually just boils down to that is just the way the person is wired.

You see, each of us are influenced primarily by one of the 4 personality types.

Here is a list of the 4 personality types and how it affects their behavior:

  • Sanguine – The Sanguine person is a fun loving extroverted type of personality.  They are the life of the party.  On the surface everyone loves a Sanguine, but they do have their issues.  Sanguines are easily distracted and as a result can sometimes have a problem finishing tasks.   Sanguine personalities can be emotional at times.  Commitment can sometimes be an issue for the Sanguine.
  • Choleric – Get out of the way here comes the Choleric.  Choleric personalities are get it done type people.  They like to run the show and can sometimes be overbearing.
  • Phlegmatic – Phlegmatics play it cool.  They are usually even tempered, loyal, and not prone to stir things up.  They very much prefer stability as opposed to taking a risk.  Usually very kind and affectionate, but can easily be taken advantage of by stronger personalities such as a Choleric.
  • Melancholic – A melancholic personality is very detailed oriented.  Usually on time for all appointments and very much the perfectionist.  A melancholy can get their feelings hurt very badly.  Melancholic personalities can be creative in the arts and are usually deep thinkers.

Although an individual usually has bits and pieces of each of the 4 personality traits built into their persona, one is usually dominant.  Figure out which one is dominant, and you will be able to know how to deal with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here’s a great video that covers the 4 personality types:


A Good Example of How Personality Differences Affect a Relationship

An example of how understanding your boyfriend or girlfriend better would help could be illustrated by the following example.

Let’s take a Sanguine guy who is dating a Melancholy girl.  The Melancholic girl is very excited about their 1 year anniversary, and has bought a new dress and fixed herself up in anticipation of a nice evening with her guy.  Now mind you nothing was discussed in advance of this evening.

The Sanguine guy shows up later that evening dressed like he normally does with a friend in tow suggesting that the three of them all go out to the club together.  Big mistake on his part.

But did the Sanguine guy mean anything by it?  No probably not.  After all, he did think to go back home and get his girlfriend before heading out to the club. So obviously he was trying to do anything to exclude her.

The fact that is was their anniversary probably never crossed his mind.  He totally forgot.

But being a Melancholic, his girlfriend got her feelings hurt terribly, and instead of having a nice time together, they end up in a fight and doing separate things for the night.  She couldn’t believe that he forgot something so important as their anniversary.  How could he?

Who is at Fault?

Neither of them are at fault.  It is just the way the two of them are wired.

But both need to work on some things in order for their relationship to be a success.

He must try to pay attention to important dates and events, and she needs to be more understanding if he somehow forgets such an event.

But even more than that, in this relationship, if there is an event like this, the Melancholy needs to discuss it with the Sanguine in advance of the event to alleviate such a scene.

There is a wonderful book called Personality Plus written by Florence Littauer that covers the personality types in full detail.  If you understand the 4 personality types and how they affect all of your relationships, including your romantic relationships, you will find it much easier to get along with your lover as well as people in general.

How to Spot Relationship Trouble

Relationship Trouble

Relationship Trouble

A happy and a healthy relationship is what everyone wants to be in, but occasionally there may be some relationship trouble that may need to be dealt with.

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A relationship that stands out is one that stays successful despite the many trials, problems and daily pressures the relationship endures.  Any relationship should be cared for.  It is maintained with real love, respect and trust.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs. Even the most of the loving couples experience them. There are its own good times while there are also its own bad times. Anyone wanting to keep that relationship should not, at all cost, ignore those signs of trouble in their relationship.

All these problems and misunderstandings should be addressed and dealt with the moment they are encountered.

Communication Breakdown Leads to Relationship Trouble

Constant communication is a must in any relationship.  Talk about your day, your work, and your plans for the weekend, for the future. You should talk about your feelings.  What is making you happy, what is making you sad and upset?

Intimacy is a form of communication between spouses.  Losing interest or finding your spouse no longer attractive causes one not to talk about their thoughts.  Not talking about your thoughts, feelings and personal issues indicates the loosing of trust in between spouses.  This should be addressed at once to avoid the problem to escalate further.

Verbal Abuse

It is perfectly normal for spouses to tease each other.  However, if it is done in a way that hurts the other, this could show signs of unexpressed anger against each other.  It builds up more anger for both spouses when both frequently criticize each other.  Verbal abuse and scorning are clear signs that a relationship is in trouble.

Less Important

Your spouse is the one most important in your life.  You should take care of each other’s needs, feelings and emotions. Those are the ways your spouse felt appreciated, valued and loved.  Be sensitive and make your spouse feel important. Invalidating each other’s thoughts and character and discrediting behavior hurts every relationship very badly.

Less Involvement

Be active in the relationship.  If spouses share no common interests or common projects or activities, that is a sign that the relationship is in trouble.  Have more quality time to be two-gether. It should not be too fancy like a very fine dinner or going to a far place for a second honeymoon.  Reconnect with your spouse every end of each day, whether you stay under one roof or are living apart.


The worst thing any spouse can do in a relationship is to cheat.  This breaks both your spouse’s heart and trust in you. Your sincerity will always be doubted once you cheat.  Seldom has it happened that a relationship moves on after one spouse commits infidelity.  No relationship lasts long if one spouse is seeing someone else.

All of the above can be avoided. Be consistent in loving each other.  By loving, it means constant communication, enjoy many things together, get new hobbies to be busy with, have fun, never get bored and always be spontaneous.

Are you in a troubled relationship? Is it worth the effort to have it restored? You can live wonderful life together when you re-commit yourselves to make the relationship work.

Or is it better off to begin anew?  If the problems consistently persist, then maybe it is time to call the relationship off.

The end of a romance is not easy to understand and to accept. Love quarrels and misunderstandings happen in all relationships.  Both should work by entrusting their lives to each other.  Stronger unions among spouses are created when both meet halfway and are able to identify the early warning signs of relationship trouble, and immediately handle these troubles at hand properly.

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Get Your Ex Back

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Get Your Ex Back Starting Today!

It may seem to you right now that your world is crashing down around you.  No matter who initiated the break-up, your ex or yourself, you miss them terribly and want to get them back.  But the question that lingers in your mind is “Can you get your ex back?” and if so, “How do you go about getting your ex back?”

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Just Because Your Ex Broke Up With You

Doesn’t Mean that They Don’t Love You Anymore!

It’s true.  But “why did they break up with me?” you may ask.

Well, there are many reasons that couples break up.  Most often, it is just simply a break down in communication.

Or perhaps, something you may be doing that is just so simple that you don’t even recognize it may be bothering them. Maybe it has something to do with friends or relatives.

Sometimes it can be the real fear of commitment.  Maybe they are starting to look at you as possibly “the one”, and it scares them.

No matter what the reason, just because your ex boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, is no reason to throw in the towel if you really have feelings for them.

Can You Get Your Ex Back?

That all depends.  Every relationship is different.  It would be irresponsible for me to say that you can 100% get your ex back.  Many sites may make such ridiculous claims, but in matters of the heart, nothing is for certain.

But you can understand the underlying issues surrounding your relationship and what led to the breakup.

Most relationships erode over time due to a lack of communication and the lack of interest by one or both of the partners.  This is a very easy pattern to fall into.  Once you have been with someone for a while, you start to get comfortable with them.  Almost too comfortable.

You start to not fix yourself up for them, and not talking the way you did when love was new and exciting.

If you could have foreseen this happening, you would have taken steps to prevent it.  But since you have split up, now you need to work on rekindling that spark that originally brought you together in the first place.

How Do You Go About Getting Your Ex Back?

Now for the tricky part…getting your ex back.  There is a ton of advice out there on how to get your ex back, but you need to be careful who you listen to.

All people are wired differently.  This includes you and your ex.  A good place to begin putting your relationship back together again is to understand what makes your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend tick.

There are basically 4 personality types.  All people will exhibit some of each of the 4 personality traits, but 1 of their personality traits will be dominant.  Understanding which of the personality traits your ex is, will help you better understand how to deal with how they are feeling.

If you want to get your ex back, then figuring out which personality type your ex is, can help you understand how to deal with them.

Give Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend Their Space

Perhaps the absolute biggest mistake most people make is to repeatedly call, text, or email their ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after the breakup.  At some point in our lives almost all of us have been guilty of this.

But once you get out of grade school, it is time to understand the psychology of what you are doing by exhibiting this type of behavior.  No one including your ex wants to be pestered.

If you do not allow them time away from you to miss you, they will only grow to resent you.  I know it is difficult when all you want to do is be with them, but you have to control your emotions and do what is good for the long term.

After all, you guys spent a lot of time together.  Don’t you think they are missing you too?  Don’t you think they are wondering what you are up to?  Let them wonder!

There is a lot of good information here to help you get your ex back starting today. If you take control of your emotions and get a solid plan of action, you have a good chance of saving your relationship.




signs that your ex wants you back

Going through a break up can be a strange experience for both you and your significant other. One minute you are glad to be rid of them, and then the next you are very sad and longing to be with them again.

As you go through this roller coaster of emotions, you will often wonder what is your ex thinking. Do they want to get back together? Are they glad you broke up?

If you want to get back together with your ex, then you are no doubt looking for any sign that your ex wants you back. Below are 5 signs that your ex wants you back. You just have to be aware enough to recognize them.

  1. If every time you turn around your ex is there, it may be a sign that they want you back.  Are they calling, texting, and leaving voicemail messages all the time?  How about showing up at places like your gym when they never went there before?  These are obvious signs that they want to get back together, just don’t let them step over the line and become a stalker.
  2. If your ex is constantly mean to you, it could be a sign that they want you back.  Sounds weird I know, but in their mind they can get your attention by acting this way.  They are afraid that you do not want to get back together, and are acting out.  Talk openly and calmly with them, and many times you can work out your differences.
  3. If your ex is buying you gifts, then obviously they still care for you.  Who spends money on someone they don’t like?
  4. They want to get together for a cup of coffee and catch up.  If they are still interested in what is going on in your life, then they still care on some level.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to get back together, but it can lay the groundwork to your eventual reconciliation.
  5. They just tell you they want to get back together.  This of course is an obvious sign, but proceed with caution.  There was a reason that you two broke up, and you have things that still need worked out.  But if you want your ex back, and they want to get back together, then why wouldn’t you?

These are basic signs that your ex wants you back that you need to be able to recognize.  But more importantly, you need to properly re-act to each signal.

But if you do not see any of these signs, it does not mean that your ex doesn’t want you back.  Pay attention to the little things that they do, and if they still have feelings for you, they will eventually display some sign that your ex wants you back.

Sure signs your ex wants you backThe long, lonely moments following a break-up are hard to endure. Many of the lovelorn feel as though they are walking through life in a daze, unclear from moment to moment exactly what has happened and why. There are however, several signs your ex wants you back that you can easily miss if you let your melancholy cloud your eyes. Recognizing when the signs of a possible reconciliation is key to mending the rift in your lost relationship.

Most break-ups occur because one party in the relationship does not feel as though they are able to get a significant point across. In some instances there is a hope for a greater commitment, or simply the wish that the other partner listens more. When there seems to be know simple way for a significant other to get a point across or see the changes in the relationship that they wish to see, breaking up seems to be the most obvious solution.

In these instances, neither parties are really ready for a total cessation of love. What has happened is a total breakdown of communication and a failure to make necessary changes. These pseudo-break-ups are often a last ditch effort to stimulate the change that one party believes may be required. A great way to tell if you are involved in a separation that was used only a last resort to stimulate action is to review the history of the relationship.

Has your lover ever:

  • Accused you of never listening to him or her?
  • Asked you to take the next step in the relationship?
  • Threatened to leave if you did not make specific changes?

By reviewing the history of the relationship you can identify the factors that you need to address, and determine whether or not the act of breaking up was simply to encourage you to further action. If you have been neglecting your partner and know this, then there is likely still an opportunity to restore the relationship. Once you determine the underlying cause of the problems you can take the necessary steps to fix them.

Is Your Ex Available? Could be a Sign That They Want You Back

There are however, other sure signs that your ex wants you back. People who do not want to be involved with an ex make themselves wholly unavailable. Phone calls to see if you are okay, or to make contact for other reasons are pretty uncommon once an individual has opted to rid themselves entirely of a partner.

The fact that an ex remains accessible is a sure sign that there is still room to make amends. The trick to making the most of this availability is having a keen understanding of why your partner was so upset. This allows you to have an open, honest discussion on the valid topics that will prove most productive in healing the bond that was shared.

Look at Social Media Posts to Seek Clues That Your Ex Wants You Back

Another sure clue that someone is not entirely over you is a continual litany of their broken heart pasted on their favorite networking site. When a jilted or ex lover goes public about their heartbreak, they really are not trying to inform the world of their sorrow. They are, in a very round about way, informing you.

Tips for your first date back

The first date back together is a big step in winning ex back. You have finally goth through all the hard feelings and emotions of the initial break up, and have finally got that first date back together. You are intent on winning your ex back, but nervous like your very first date you had way back when. Basically, your future realtionship together may be riding on how this date goes. So make it count. The following is a few ideas to make that date great and assist you in winning ex back.

• Try something different. Shake things up. Winning ex back requires that you do something memorable. If money is an issue, it doesn’t have to be super fancy. Be creative. A picnic at a scenic lake with a nice walk afterwards might be something totally unexpected and different. You might also try doing something that you had always talked about but never did while you were together. Whatever you do, make this date stand out from the rest.

• Inject some humor. A light conversation filled with jokes or witty comments keeps both of you at ease. Your easy going presence will be instrumental in winning ex back.

• Don’t force the relationship. Take it slow. You do not have to get totally back together on the first date. If you were engaged, maybe just try dating for a while. If you try to force the relationship, it will drive your ex away and make them resent you, which is definitely not how to go about winning ex back.

• Look your absolute best. Dress appropriately for the activity planned, but dress your best. Make sure you are well groomed and hair cut if you are a guy, and have your hair done and make-up applied if you are a girl. You want them to be thinking about you after the date has ended.

• I would not suggest sleeping with your ex on the first date back. This is definitely not how to go about winning ex back. By sleeping with your ex on the first date back, you both risk having regrets the next day. This puts pressure on the relationship that doesn’t need any more pressure than is already there. Take it slow. If you can renew the courtship process, that is the beginning in winning ex back.

I hope these suggestions will help you on your first date back. If you would like a step by step guide for how to get back with ex, click the link for more information. Be sure to view the videos on what you should not do if you are intent on winning ex back.

Lonnie Sallas

Winning Ex Back

Get your ex backYou too can learn how to get your ex back in just 4 easy steps. No matter who you are, no doubt that at some point in your life, you have been through a breakup. A breakup is a strange thing. No matter how many times you go through a breakup, they never become any easier to go through.

Unless the relationship was a total disaster, after a breakup most people want to get their ex back. Even if the relationship was bad, some people still want to get their ex back. Many relationships are extramarital, or verbally or physically abusive. These are not healthy relationships to be in. If you were in such a relationship, and you broke up, then it could be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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Ruling out the bad relationship scenario, most other relationships follow a predictable pattern. When you first meet someone, everything about that person is great, and the new love is exciting. After a while, couples tend to get more comfortable with each other, and the cracks start to appear. Many of the little things that one person does and has done all along, now start to bother the other person.

You may have heard before that “Familiarity breeds contempt”. You see it every day. After a couple has been together for some time, then some trouble starts. This tests the strength of the relationship. A lasting relationship takes work and effort, give and take. Sometimes when the relationship is strained, instead of working things out with the other person, the person decides to get out of the relationship completely.

If you think your relationship is worth saving, then you need some answers on how to get your ex back. Even if things appear totally over, apply these 4 steps and win back your ex.

1. Apologize - One of the best methods to get your ex back is to say you are sorry. It is usually the best first step to get some dialogue going. But be sure that your say you are sorry for the right reasons. Don’t blame yourself for everything. It takes two to have a successful relationship. Know exactly what you are apologizing for, and do not apologize for anything over and above that.

When you apologize, under no circumstances should you let it become an argument. Sadly when you apologize, it may lead to an unwarranted attack. If your ex tries to escalate the conversation, stay calm, keep your emotions in check, and do not get defensive.

2. Sit down and talk things out - When your ex agrees to it, set a time where you both can sit down in a quiet atmosphere and talk things out. Do Not beg, cry, plead, shame, or force your ex to this meeting under any circumstances. When they agree to the meeting, make sure you keep your emotions in check, and do not let things escalate into a fight. Make it clear to your ex that you do not want to bring who is to blame into the discussion.

Talk about issues surrounding your relationship in a mature manner. Talk about the issues without placing blame on either party. This will achieve better results. What is even better is if you can get a therapist or an expert in the field of relationships involved with your meeting.

3. Give your Ex some space - This goes against everything you are feeling in how to get your ex back. But you have to remember that they left for a reason, and they may not want to see you right now. Making a pest of yourself will drive them away. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. The time apart will give both of you time to cool down and give them a chance to miss you.

4. Show pride in yourself - No matter what you do, go out and live your life. Do not sit around waiting for the phone to ring and checking your email every 5 minutes just hoping that they contact you. It is actually better if your ex calls and you are not there to get their call. They’ll be wondering what you are doing.

If you are out and your cell phone rings, let it go to voicemail. Do not call them back until the next day. When you talk, tell them you were busy, and couldn’t get back to them until today.

Go Hang out with friends, go to the movies, shop, whatever. Fix yourself up every day. When you look like you have something going on in your life, they may feel like THEY are the one who is missing out. You may be able to get them to pursue you, instead of the other way around.

Most Relationships Can Be Saved

get your ex backBefore you attempt to get back together with your ex, you must determine if getting back with your ex will truly make you happy. If you got back together with your ex, will it ultimately end up down the same path that caused your initial break up? Be completely objective and honest with yourself in regards to this question as your future well being depends on it.

Most relationships break up due to misunderstandings and are worth saving. But if you were in a physically or mentally abusive relationship, then by all means you should move on. You are a better person than that! If it seemed like all you did the whole time you were together was fight, then it might be time to move on. You can’t force love. But if your relationship was good overall prior to what caused the break up, chances are it can be worked out and you can successfully get back together with your ex.

Getting Back Together With Your Ex – Don’t Become a Pest

I know that you want to get back together with ex as soon as possible, but it is very important to not bother your ex with phone calls, text messages, email and etc. This is the number one mistake people make when trying to get their ex back. Don’t act desperate. As Ferris Bueller said “You can’t be with someone who licks your boots, it just doesn’t work”.

Don’t Argue to Get Back Together With Your Ex

Under no circumstances should you enter into an argument about your relationship with your ex. Don’t beg them to come back. Your ex might have given you reasons why they broke up with you, but the fault usually lies with both parties. Don’t beat yourself up about what your ex said that you did to cause the break up. Live in the now. Forget the past and move on.

Don’t call your ex and make promises that you will change. If you were to change what is your normal behavior to please them, you wouldn’t be happy down the road anyway.

Get Your Ex Back by Giving Them Some Space

Take it easy and give them some space. Go about your everyday life and try to be the best person that you can be. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and this space you give them will get them thinking about whether they did the right thing. Also by going about your business, you show that you respect yourself and exude confidence. Although this doesn’t guarantee that you get back together with ex, it will help make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling.

I hope that these tips help you get back together with your ex. These steps are just the beginning though in winning your ex back. These are just some of the ideas that came from T ‘Dub’ Jackson’s “The Magic of Making Up“. This simple down to earth step by step plan will help you win back your ex and make your relationship stronger than ever. Visit today and view the FREE VIDEO on the first step to stop a breakup.

Get Back Together With Ex

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Lonnie Sallas

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Forgiveness is the Key to Win Back Lost Love

how to win back lost loveIf you have recently broken up, you are probably still trying to get over the person and move on, or determine how to win back lost love. A break up is never easy, and it is the rare person who just quickly accepts the break up and moves on. This is probably a good time to reflect on your relationship and the way your ex treated you. Were they good to you? Were they good for you? Try to look at your relationship from a third party point of view. How would things be if indeed you did get your ex back? Your break up may not be such a bad idea.

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If you want to win back lost love, you must apologize if you were the one who did something to cause the situation. Be sincere. Only apologize if you are truly sorry, not just to win back lost love. You may have said sorry several times in the past, but if your ex thought you were just saying it to save the relationship, then they may not have thought you really meant it. If you have already broken up, then a sincere apology will be accepted since you have already broken up.


If your ex is the one who did something that they should apologize for, then you should just try to forgive them. Don’t hold out expecting a sincere apology from them. It doesn’t mean that you have to forget. This is especially true if the break-up was because he cheated. You should not allow your feelings to get trampled on easily. Sometimes forgiveness is a difficult thing. It may be a good idea to read a book or two on how to forgive someone. This is a very important exercise to win back lost love.

Even if you are able to win back lost love, past issues may arise months or years down the road. You must be able to forgive the person so that you can move on to a healthy relationship with them. If you cannot truly forgive them for what they did to cause the initial break up, chances are that the subject will come up again down the road, and a nasty break up will occur. However, if you truly forgive your ex, there will not be any need to bring up the past.

To win back love you also need to show them what they are missing. Show your ex and the world the person that you used to be when you and your ex first got together. They were attracted to you because of those qualities you exuded back then. Why not exhibit those qualities again? Even though you are hurting due to the break up, if you can show them why they fell in love with you in the first place, you can win back lost love.

how to win back lost love

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your lost love?

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win back the love of your life!

When you break up with someone you love, you often ask yourself “what should I do to get my ex back?” You feel sad, depressed, angry, and hurt. You miss them terribly and are probably feeling emotions that you may not have felt before.

Get my Ex BackThere are many resources available to answer the question what should I do to get my ex back? Use your common sense after a breakup. Also be very courteous after your breakup. This can go a long way toward healing your relationship.

If all you think about is your lost relationship, wondering “what should I do to get my ex back?” then follow these tips. It will give you the best chance of getting back together with your special someone.

Want Your Ex Back? Then Don’t Play Games

First off, don’t play games. Many people resort to this during a breakup, because it temporarily makes them feel better. If you make the other person think that you don’t care, or the other extreme which is that you care more than you really do, you are manipulating them. This may make you feel better temporarily, but not in the long run.

Lying and tricking the other person will eventually make you feel like a heel for having treated the other person in such a way.

Be Careful of Dating Around

Some people like to pretend to be dating someone else in hopes that it will make their ex jealous. While this does work some of the time, oftentimes it backfires and makes a temporary breakup permanent. Your ex could be so jealous at the thought of you being with someone else that they can’t stand it and want you back. On the other hand, if they feel that you moved on so quickly, then you must not have cared all that much about them. You’ll never know if this will work to get your ex back until it’s too late.

Always keep a level head when speaking with your ex. Don’t appear mean or confrontational. The anger around a breakup can cause one to act in ways that they would never normally act. Even if you’re hurt, the fact that you want to know, “what should I do to get my ex back?” shows that you are ready to forgive that person. If you couldn’t forgive that person, you would be better off without them anyway.

Control Your Emotions

Take a minute and think about how you’ve been acting lately. If you were your ex, would you look forward to spending time and talking with you, or would you avoid it like the plague? Do you find yourself shouting, nagging, blaming, and crying when you talk to them? You have to control these emotions, and work on being the kind of person that they miss when they are not around you.

“What should I do to get my ex back?” Basically, be on your best behavior and make your ex remember what attracted them to you in the first place. Once they see you as they saw you when they met you, you will have a much better chance of being able to get back together with your ex.

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