Get over someone you love

Many people who have just come out of a serious relationship ask How to get over someone you love. You want to move on, and think that you are ready to move on, but the pain you feel has you looking for a quick solution. You don’t want to feel this way anymore, and the sooner you can fix what you are going through, the better.

If you’ve had a lot emotionally invested in your relationship and it ends, it’s an event that can potentially make you feel sad for years to come. But that doesn’t mean that these feelings that you feel has to throw you into a depression, or prevent you from being social. Although losing them made you sad, by getting over that person you can start to look back on the failed relationship as you would any other major loss in your life. The period of time following a breakup is the hardest, and makes you ask how to get over someone you love.

If the breakup has just occurred, often the only way to deal with it is to just face the pain you are feeling and ride it out. You feel awkward and hurt, but time will help. However, there are a few things you must do to lessen the pain.

1. Remove any visual reminders of the person.
2. Avoid places you use to go together for awhile.
3. Put away photographs of them for now.
4. Store gifts that you received from that person instead of having them sitting out in the open.

It may be necessary to seek counseling if you are having difficulty getting your life back together after the breakup. Explain the circumstances around your breakup to the counselor and ask them how to get over someone you love. A counselor can often offer better advice than friends or family because they are personally detached from the situation, and have no biases in forming their opinions. Some of your friends and family may have motives that influence their opinions. And being a professional, a counselor can be more specific in helping you get over someone that you love.

It’s okay to go to counseling for as long as you need. If your counselor feels that you are spending too much time dwelling on how to get over someone you love, they will let you know.

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How to Get Over Someone FastIf you have recently been through a break up that you know is permanent, you no doubt want to know how to get over someone fast. It is never easy to go through a break up. Although it hurts right now, if your relationship was short, then it will not take a tremendous amount of time to recover. However, if your relationship was a long one, say 1 year or more, then it may be quite difficult to get over your ex fast. The following suggestions should help you speed up the process.

To get over someone fast, remove things that remind you of that person. Items like pictures, furniture you bought together, and CD’s can be constant painful reminders of your ex. It is not always easy to do though. Some things can’t be disposed of easily such as pets and automobiles. All I am saying is that the more things you remove that cause painful memories, the better.

If your ex bought you a shirt, cologne, dress, figurine, picture or something like this, get rid of these things, at least temporarily. Any gifts that your ex gave you will constantly remind you of the event, and the better times that you shared. This will slow rather the help you get over someone fast. Right now emotions are strong, and moving these items to storage for a while may be a good idea.

Another method to get over someone fast is to think about all of your ex’s bad qualities. If you are emotionally strong enough to do this exercise, it may help. Nobody is perfect, including your ex. Focus on what you didn’t like about them. Write the list down if it helps. If the thought of your ex brings you to tears though, you might not be ready for this.

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Probably the best method of how to get over someone fast is to start dating again. By putting yourself “out on the market” so to speak, you get the opportunity to meet someone who will help ease the pain. You may be thinking to yourself “But I still love my ex”. Dating is fine. Just because you go out with someone doesn’t mean that it has to be serious. By dating again, you will keep yourself occupied (especially on weekends and holidays), and start to rebuild your self esteem and get over someone fast.

Coping with break up tipsCoping with break up can be difficult for both you and your ex. Both of you may feel hurt, angry, or even depressed. Successfully coping with a break up will require a great deal of internal strength. It may feel as if your world is collapsing around you and that the pain is unbearable. Although this may be tough to hear right now, remember that time heals all wounds. You were not the first couple to ever break up, and you certainly will not be the last. But you have to move forward and get your life back together. The following tips for coping with break up will help you do just that.

• Do not keep the pain bottled up inside of you. Breaking up can be on the same emotional level as losing someone to death. It is okay to cry. It is natural to hurt. Write down things that come to mind if it makes you feel better. Take out your emotions on a punching bag. Scream if you want to. Basically, let it all out. Purge your soul so you can move on.

• Take stock of where you are. Once the initial shock of the break up and the release of your emotions in the previous step, it is time to look at your relationship objectively. Where are you in terms of your relationship? Is there a chance you can successfully get back together for the long term, or will you just be wasting more time? Sometimes during this analysis you realize that it is really over. You need to come to grips with this reality before moving on to the next step.

• Remove the common things in your lives. Couples accumulate things and habits over time. Anything that you have left at each others place needs to be returned to the rightful owner. Also try to avoid going to the same old places that you frequented while you were together, as this will hurt you in your attempts at coping with your break up. It will only remind you of your ex. Once you have completely separated, you may find it helpful to get rid of photos or letters that remind you of your ex. Remove items in your home that may remind you of your ex. This may include a gift or picture. You do not have to get rid of these things permanently, just put them in storage.

• Use a support system when coping with a break up. Friends and family can provide the emotional support that you need to get through this tough time. Even if you follow the above steps, there still will be strong feelings that you will have to deal with.

I hope that the coping with break up tips suggested here help you get over your ex quick.  Break-ups are never easy, but rest assured that better days are just  ahead.

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I Still Love My Ex| What Should I Do?

If you are searching for help because you are saying to yourself “I Still Love My Ex”, then you have to search your soul and figure out where you want the relationship to go in the future. It is quite natural after a break up to still have feelings for your ex. After all, you were in love with each other and shared some special memories together. This closeness that you shared does not just disappear overnight. When you say to yourself “I Still Love My Ex”, what does that mean to you? Do you still want to get back together with your ex?

If you are saying “I still love my ex”, then there was definitely love there to begin with. This is a good thing because there will still be a fondness present and good memories from the relationship. But just because you still love your ex, doesn’t mean that you are destined, or that you should, get back together. Even if you could get your ex back, do you really want your ex back?  Take some time and ponder the question. With some deep reflection on the relationship, you will be able to determine if you really should be together.

Do You Miss Them – Or Just the Idea of Them?

But if you still feel like you love your ex just due to a residual fondness from the relationship, and nothing more, then take things slow and just go with the flow. Let things happen naturally. You will either drift away from each other, or you will become good friends. Having a good friend of the opposite sex is something that is very hard to find. And sometimes, friends can become lovers again.

However, if by saying “I still love my ex”, you are saying that you want to get back together, then you’ve got some work to do. The first thing you must do is determine if your ex may still want to get back together with you. Don’t push the envelope though. Let things happen, and you will see by their actions what they are feeling inside.

Professional Marriage Counseling Can Help

If you were in a marriage that failed, you should definitely seek professional marriage counseling. Seek advice from someone who is trained to give relationship advice for your set of circumstances. With the help of a good counselor, you can rebuild your marriage into a stronger relationship than you had before. Both parties made mistakes to cause the relationship to falter. Don’t put blame on either party. You both need a fresh start and the guidance of someone that will make your marriage stronger.

If you are finding yourself saying “I still love my ex”, don’t panic. Take things slow and easy and let things run their course naturally at first, and then seek help to get things started down the right path again. Before long, you will be able to get your ex back.

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